Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sorry Microsoft AX Consultants, you won't be able to have good sleeping for the next couple years !!!

The next major release of Microsoft Dynamics AX will include a new Windows 8 style UI which is expected to be released in August 2014, so If you didn't start AX 2012 learning and implementation you will suffer from the HUGE gap in the Application/Technical area, specially Microsoft will release additional 3 releases (Not major releases) which are AX 2012 R2 in December 2012 and AX 2012 R3 expected in 2013 first half, and AX 2012 R4 in 2013 second half, in addition to that Microsoft might release some Feature back !!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry AX people, for the couple next year you won't have good sleeping :D

Mahmoud Anass


  1. the post about obvious nothing ... saying that MS is messing things up as usual and that consultant will have a lot of work and become more expensive ;)

  2. I share the same complain you've, so frequent releases with too many features. But let us be fair and give Microsoft the credit for all the efforts that they are doing. And let us don't forget that Microsoft has entered the ERP Business line recently and they have a huge challenges and so pressured competitions and they want to follow the competitors and even get over them