Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to run AX 2012 VPC

I've found an interesting link about how to run AX 2012 VPC on Windows 7 withouth the need for Windows 2008 Hyper-V. Thanks for the blogger.

How to run AX2012 HyperV on Virtualbox (Step by step guide)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Opening Balance Uploading

The best method for uploading opening balance for GL/AP/AR is to use the General Journal by preparing a Journal contains the Trial Balance and replace its Ledger Accounts that are connected to the posting profile of Sub module/Sub ledger by their respective Sub ledger Accounts, to make it more clear let me show you an illustration.
Ledger Account No. 21001000 represent Accounts Payable and its balance = $ 1,000 which is a result of 2 invoices, one for Ven001 = $300 and the other for Ven002 = $700.

In the Journal that contains the Trial Balance that you are preparing for the uploading, you will remove the Ledger Account 21001000 line, and replace it with the two lines of type Vendor for both the Vendors Ven001 & Ven002, you could also specify the document date (to maintain the ageing information) and the Invoice# .
Other benefits you could gain from this method by specifing the actual currency of the Invoice and its exchange rate (Note: Invoice Amount in other that company primary currency must be equal to the AmountMST, and this is achieved by the proper exchange rate).

By this way you won’t need the 999 Ledger Account (You will use “999” account only in the uploading of Inventory opening Balance).


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Is Microsoft Dynamics AX6 - SAP-Killer?

I read this post and I liked the way the blogger is trying show that SAP could be #1 because of the "Law of perception" but in fact AX could outperform SAP (depending on facts & numbers), Current SAP market share %31 and Dynamics Market share is %15 althought 5 years back SAP was %47 and Dynamics was %3. (to read the full article)