Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Convergence 2010 Virtual Partner Briefing

The Virtual Partner Briefing is now available and can help you make the most of the Convergence opportunity with your customers. Take advantage of this convenient new on-demand format for getting the latest Microsoft Dynamics information.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dynamics AX 6.0 and WF4

In this post I will tackle some of the improvements in the next release of Dynamics AX 6.0 and WF4, which is revealed by Josh Honeyman (Principle Development lead for Dynamics AX workflow ) in his video interview with endpoint.tv.

From the post title the next release of Dynamics AX will Based on .NET 4.0 workflow, this will lead to the following improvements:

§ AX 6.0 WF code base will be reduced & optimized by more than 60%

o This optimization will result in reduction in database size for workflow instances and its related data such as activities, tasks, history...etc.

§ The WF 4.0 ability to host its designer in other application has been incorporated in the next release

o You can see graphical representation for the business workflow scenario (I think also the GUI is WPF based), which is not currently available in the current release of AX 2009

§ More integration between .NET and X++ inside X++ editor

o This give the idea of more incorporating .NET technologies in the next release, but from video interview, I expect that the next release is not fully integrated with .NET or the kernel not entirely moved into .NET & MSIL

§ More activities models, conditional branch has been added

o I guess this will give us very good extensibility and rich out of the box activities such as sending email activity.

o More approaching to business roles need, such as no infinite workflow instance, in term of setting actions based on the expiration date and time, for instance; escalating the instance to other employee or manager.

I think by these mentioned feature Dynamics AX will be more business adaptive ERP package and much more easier to maintain and configure it's module to the various business needs not just like other ERP software that enforce you to choose off the shelve Business workflow scenarios (which is mostly not suitable to all business specially mid and upper mid-market ) because of their technical difficulties in creating and maintaining different workflow scenarios.

To watch the interview video click here.

Have a good day and wait for more posts.

Mahmoud Anass