Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Power of ERP + Simplicity of Excel = AX 2012

I was reading an article about a Survey result shows how the ERP users are more eager to use MS Excel more than ERP application, because most/all ERP software in many times are cumbersome and not easy to use, especially if they are old, complex, and have tons of function such as SAP and Oracle.

in the same context i was thinking about the huge effort that Microsoft is doing to Marrying AX 2012 (which contains structure data) and MS Excel (contains unstructured data and make this marriage simple and Easy) (Watch the link Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 - Office )

This makes you feel that "Dynamics AX 2012 Powerful. Agile. Simple." slogan is not just slogan for marketing consumption, but it’s a true fact!!

That’s why I’m convinced: Power of ERP + Simplicity of Excel = AX 2012

Mahmoud Anass

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